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Popular Rotocraft Association

Are a group of people who love homebuilt rotorcraft -- gyroplanes and helicopters that they build and fly themselves. These rotorcraft enthusiasts get together to exchange ideas, information, help one another, promote safety and help with flight training.


  Auto Gyro

The AutoGyro GmbH is a world leader in the development, production and distribution of gyroplanes. Since its inception in 1999, the specialist in air exercise equipment is growing steadily and has now a team of more than 100 highly qualified specialists and engineers.

PRA20 Chapter - Pelican State Roto Club

The Louisiana Chapter of the Popular Rotorcraft Association, the Pelican State Rotor Club. Covering all of Louisiana, East Texas, Western Mississippi, and Southern Arkansas, we are host to a diverse group of gyroplane enthusiasts. Fly-ins are usually held quarterly at different locations around the state, in order to ensure that all members have a chance to attend.

  Bayou Guide Service

South Louisiana produces the finest Redfish and Speckled Trout fishing in the World. Come and experience the excitement of Louisiana Saltwater Fishing with Capt. Bill Lake and Bayou Guide Service.

 Bayou Buck Lures

Bayou Buck Lures LLC offers a complete line of Redfish lures, Speckled Trout lures, Snook lures and Bass fishing lures. In-line spinners, popping corks, no slip fishing hooks, replacement tails and frames for both recreational and professional anglers.



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